You know Me as Homemaker

You know Me as Homemaker


Hello friends. I am Sadhana Kasurde, Maharashtrian home maker with simple thinking and hardworking lady for family and job. Being a women and that too a married lady, my very first identity is that I’m a Homemaker, Best Friend of 2 little handsome boys and an Accountant from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

You know me as Homemaker

In the past few days, I have come across many people blogging on the internet. I came across this word while I was still a student, but I never thought I would start doing it. But nowadays, I find that 50% of the people around are into blogging. I also decided to start a blog to share my life with all of you.

  • What will you find in my Homemaker blogs?

    – In my upcoming blogs you will find a woman thinking about her family, her work, and living a healthy life as a professional homemaker. These thoughts will strengthen the inner quiet and bubbly qualities of herself.
  • Why do I start Homemaker blogging?

    Blogging is the best platform to connect with like-minded people around the world. It;s a silent conversation with yourself, with someone invisible to you, sitting in another corner of the world. Blogging is about making friends, getting to know all the thoughts, pros and cons of life.
  • Who will enjoy my Homemaker blogs?

    – My upcoming blogs will be your friend to talk to regarding relationship, motivation to get back up, sharing good and bad phases of life and much more. My blogs will be the friends of the little ones. They will see their mother first as a friend and then as a mother. My blogs are for both men and women as they both run like bulls in the race of life.
  • Come and enjoy a coffee with me all beautiful qualities of homemaker in this fast life. In this beautiful world, a woman is a unique creature who feels more but expresses less. I want to connect with people who understand the inner peace and the silent talk of others. In this fast-paced life, we often forget to live for ourselves, meaning the “self” is lost. Upcoming blogs will be about our personal friend that we don’t know is with us, it will be about personal development, personal motivation paths and much more.

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